Adam Johnson : Work Placement

photo(2)I’m Adam Johnson and I’m a second year radio production student at the University of Brighton. The reason that I applied for the SP-ARK position, is that I’m an avid listener of podcasts such as This American life and Radio lab, I thought that a podcast would be an interesting challenge for myself.

I found that the SP-ARK team were very interested in our thoughts, and I found it refreshing that they were taking such awareness in the students progressing their studies through using the SP-ARK archive.  The freelance aspect was an experience also, as I found it a better atmosphere to work either within the University or in my own home.

The process of creating the podcast was extremely satisfying for me, as listening to them on a regular basis I wanted to bring in the engaging atmosphere I hear weekly. I feel that we did that by using the different interviews of the production; the interviews I felt were extremely engaging. I’m not from a film background but I found that the interviews were fascinating as they’re not your typical interviewee’s, stereotypically when you think of film interviews you expect the main cast or crew ,  but it was refreshing from a production side to hear the multiple layers to how the film was

Overall I feel that it has further enhanced my skills, now I feel confident I can make a broadcast worthy podcast. I feel a sense of pride within our work, in what we’ve managed to achieve within a couple of weeks.  I also have formed new skills from the transcribing , it was an extremely tedious process, but it’s a skill I would be able to take with me in the future.


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