Chalice Bartholomew : Work Placement

I’m Chalice Bartholomew and I’m a second year radio production student at the University of Brighton. I decided to apply for the SP-ARK placement as I really enjoy films, I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to create a podcast for aspiring film

I found it fascinating visiting the archive; I can’t say that I’ve ever done that before. The fact that there were such intricate pieces of SP-ARK’s history right in front of you was astonishing. Being able to look at certain drawings and seeing props, then being able to pin point them when watching the film was completely surreal experience.

I really enjoyed working within the SP-ARK team I found everyone welcoming and enjoyable to work with. Adam and myself mainly worked within a freelancing environment, which was the first time either of us have done this. It was strange experience, but we ended up working well and professionally together. I found that working within my own environment, helped me to push forward my ideas and have confidence with them.

As a whole my favourite part was the process of creating the podcast, from having the basics then the journey of creating for a professional website. We found that the staff were professional and open to us putting our own mark and interpretations within the podcast.  I had learnt a new skill through transcribing; it was interesting listening to all the tiers that created different aspects of the film.  I feel that as a production student, that a student would benefit from this podcast , as it gives them the photo(5)information for their potential route into the industry.

I found that the experience helped me further improve my skills that I’ve learnt on my course. I also now feel a great sense of achievement in what we’ve created only within a number of weeks, I’m extremely proud with our work.  I’ve also learnt how to work within a professional environment, stick to the deadlines and overall how to create a successful podcast.


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